An Astonishing Re-modeling Project

An Astonishing Re-modeling Project

This house was given an astonishing upgrade!  We removed the original asphalt shingles and replaced them with copper standing seam and bronze snowguards.  The vinyl soffits and aluminum fascias were replaced with azek and a crown molding was added in the process.  The existing vinyl siding was removed and replaced with Hardi siding.  Additions such as the 6 inch half-round copper gutters were added to grace the eaves and will last for up to 100 years!  It is hard to imaging how stunning this house looked from the pictures alone, but this was a total awe-inspiring project for us to work on.

  • 100-gutters-6
  • 100-shingles-1
  • 100-shingles-2
  • 100-shingles-3
  • 100-shingles-4
  • 100-shingles-5
  • 100-shingles-6
  • 100-shingles-7
  • 100-shingles-8
  • 100-shingles-9
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