Our Finials can be built to your specifications to cover a wide range of roofing styles and applications. If you need something to finish a spiral roof or to distinguish your roofline, the base of the Finial will be customized to fit your roof. If the Finial in your plans doesn’t match our Finials, we custom manufacture to your needs. Please contact us for prices on Custom Finials.

Set your roof apart with the final touches of a Finial that only Custom Copperwork from Windy Valley Exteriors can provide.

finial #1
4ft. w/ 8″ ball – $785
6ft. w/ 10″ ball – $1,155
8ft. w/ 12″ ball – $1,635
10 ft w/ 16″ ball – $2,085

finial #2
48″ w/ 6″ ball – $162

finial #3
42″ w/ 2″ and 6″ ball – $168

finial #4
36″ w/ 6″ ball – $158

finial #5
26″ w/ 6″ ball – $164

finial #6
28″ w/ 4″ ball – $148

pipe cover – $98
Are you tired of seeing all those ugly pipes? Our unique covers beautify your roofline

16 ” cap – $138
made for pitch and style

cap with receiver
for weathervane – $154

How May We Help You?

Whether you are looking to re-model, start a new construction project or install one of our products, we can ensure you will get the very best materials and workmanship that will not only beautify your home, but will last for years to come.

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